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Voyages Ubuntu

Ubuntu is a humanist philosophy of African origin that means "I am because we are" or "Humanity towards others". It’s an ideology that brings people together rather than creating division. It’s a worldview rooted in humanism and inextricably linked to the magnificent work of Nelson Mandela.  Ubuntu weaves loving links between our hearts.

See life differently with Ubuntu Vacations

In February of 2016, I had the the pleasure of travelling to San Salvador, a small island located in the Bahamas, where I had a MAGNIFICENT vacation.


“There are two things I wish to see on this trip: Starfish and dolphins: I told my husband as we joyfully boarded the plane.


Upon arrival, we instantly fell in love with the island and we were delighted to discover our gorgeous ocean-facing hotel room.


When we met the person responsible for the day tours, I mentioned my intent to see starfish and dolphins during our stay.

“It will be possible for you to see starfish, but unfortunately dolphins don’t visit this island because the water is quite shallow in San Salvador.” - she politely informed me.


“Is that so? Well, In any case, I’m certain that I’ll be able to see dolphins.” - I said, smiling confidently.


Three days later, we enjoyed a lovely boat ride through a lagoon where we suddenly discovered  a large starfish cluster. As you can imagine, I was like an excited child!


On the eve of our departure, I decided to go snorkeling and wondered if this was the day I would get to see my dolphins. I eagerly shared my dream with the Captain as we headed out to sea.


“ I’m very sorry to disappoint you, Madam, but I was born on this island and I’ve never seen dolphins here” - he said.


“Well, I know that I’ll see some dolphins before I leave tomorrow”. I replied, spontaneously.


When I returned to my room after a fabulous underwater adventure, I was eager to tell my husband about all the amazing things I had seen on the ocean floor.


He suddenly interrupted me and asked :


“What’s that in the water? Are those fins? Could they be sharks?”


“ No, my love! ” I squealed gleefully.


“They’re not sharks! They’re my dolphins! “


I ran out of our room and headed to the beach and realized the dolphins were swimming towards me.

Two children who had been playing in the sand joined me and we laughed and cried all at once. What an amazing experience!


I met the Captain just before leaving San Salvador and when I excitedly told him about my dolphin encounter, he was incredulous and wanted proof! Thankfully, my husband had filmed the whole scene!


The Captain couldn’t believe his eyes!


“I don’t know what planet you’re from, Madam, but this is unheard of ! You must be a very lucky person!” - he marvelled.


After having this amazing experience, I truly understand and believe that what other people think, say or believe about your dream is irrelevant. Everything is possible, friends!


After falling in love with San Salvador, my family and I decided to settle on the island where I will offer Ubuntu Vacations.


Travelling allows us to open our heart to who we are and invites us to align with what we are called to create. I’m offering a beautiful space in a tropical paradise for you to have an expanded view and see beyond your fears and limiting beliefs. Surrounded by kind-hearted people of like mind, you will feel inspired to expand and joyfully step into your best life.


Get in touch with me when you’re ready for this wonderful experience.


My dolphins and I will be waiting for you!



Genevieve xo



Geneviève Young

"Open your heart and allow  expansion. UBUNTU!"


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